The Scalextricscompetition was held over four weeks in over 20 of our shops. Entrants had to get a car around 10 laps of our Scalextrics set in the fastest time possible without coming off the track.

Everyone who took part in the competition received their choice of two free gifts (a £5 free play voucher for our gaming machines or a McLeans polo shirt). The entrant to post the fastest time in each shop received a £20 FREE BET and entry into a draw to win the overall prize (a trip to Adrenalin Karting with a friend).

There were five names pulled out of the overall draw with each winner being allowed to bring along a friend to Adrenaline Karting.

What they didn’t know was that there was an even bigger prize at stake… the five winners and their friends all raced in a mini Grand Prix at Adrenaline Karting in the hope of becoming the winner of the mystery prize.

That lucky winner was Adam Allister, who finished the race in 1st place and won an Ultimate Driving Experience Prize at Alltrack Rally Sport.