Fantasy Football Rules

  1. Free bets can be used via our Telebetting service (0800 121 4567) , in any one of our shops, at
  2. The “Monthly Top Scorer” is the person who has the highest score in that month alone (your overall score is irrelevant)
  3. Free Bet Stakes are non-refundable
  4. You can only enter one team. Anyone discovered to have entered more than one team will be suspended from the league.
  5. If there is a “Dead Heat”, where more than one person shares the top score, the prize will be split evenly among all winners.
  6. Prizes are available to UK & Ireland residents only.
  7. Entries into the league will be accepted until the 1st January 2024. The League will be closed to new entries after this point.

Email any queries to [email protected]